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Over the years, Asia has increasingly become the hotbed and destination for the clinical research. From one side, increasingly global pharmaceutical companies have recognized the importance and advantages to integrate Asia into the global early and late phase clinical development but also meanwhile the Asian clinical research markets are further driven and facilitated by the rapidly transforming Asian Local R&D Innovation.

ACTIS2018 are going to be focused on the biggest challenges in the industry currently, including, but not limited to supply requirements and regulation, quality assurance and working with the correct CROs.

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Roger Dansey
Roger Dansey
Sr. Vice President – Clinical Research, Oncology
Katrin Rupalla
Katrin Rupalla
Vice President, Head of Clinical Development, China
Jin-San Yoo
Jin-San Yoo
CEO, President and Founder
Key Highlights
1Accelerate cost-efficient clinical development that meets global trial standards for big pharma, local pharma and biotech in Asia
2Regulatory updates - harmonization, new policy, clarity and speed in licensing, submission and approval
3Improving Trial Progress and Data Quality by Promoting Engagement with your Vendors
4Innovation and Adaptive Design in Early Clinical Development Across Regions
5Implementing Risk-Based Remote Monitoring for Clinical Trials in Asia
6Exploring efficient labelling strategies for global trials
7Developing an efficient supply chain roadmap to execute a smooth Multiregional Clinical Trial
8Enabling Clinical Trials Through Strong Clinical Networks and Operational Efficiency
9Utilizing active packaging to minimize temperature excursions at customs
10Reach new markets & find partners for your technologies and services to the clinical development value chain